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From facial treatments using only organic ingredients, to non-invasive skin therapies, your face is in good hands.


Aesthetics Services

Our revolutionary collection of treatments addresses a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging, sensitive skin, acne, dehydrated skin, and wrinkled sun-damaged skin as well as creating skin-brightening solutions.

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Custom Organic Facial

90 minutes - $150
Our Hungarian Eminence organic and biodynamic skincare line helps conditions such as premature aging, sensitive skin, acne, dry dehydrated skin, and wrinkled sun damaged skin. This natural treatment leaves your skin bright without using any harsh chemicals. 
We also incorporate LED therapy to improve skin health, tone and clarity on all of our facial services. This phototherapy can increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, and decrease inflammation.

Custom Organic Facial +
60 minute Massage
2.5 hours - $300
Custom Organic Facial +
90 minute Massage
3 hours - $350
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Tama Microcurrent Therapy

45 minutes - $175
This noninvasive facial rejuvenation therapy utilizes Metawave technology to re-educate the facial muscles to ensure they hold their place underneath your skin for a toned appearance.
Tama’s tiny microcurrent impulses trigger chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of collagen and elastin as well as providing circulatory benefits.

Tama Therapy +
Custom Organic Facial
2 hours- $275
A game changer in the plan to overhaul the health, fitness and wellness of your facial skin. This is recommended to make the biggest difference in your overall skin wellness plan.
Tama Therapy +
Custom Organic Facial
+ 1 hr. Massage - $390
+ 1.5 hr. Massage - $440
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Geneo™️ Facial

90 minutes- $275
Geneo™️ works on the inside and outside of the skin, with an oxygenated nourishment process that increase oxygen levels to trigger a natural, physiological healing process. During this relaxing procedure, oxygen is carried to the skin surface where increased levels of oxygen prep the skin for maximum absorption during the rest of the facial treatment. 

Geneo™️ + Tama Therapy
2 hours - $425
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60 minutes- $200
Micro-injuries stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, the skin’s natural building blocks, helping to repair acne scars, age spots, uneven skin texture, and fine lines and wrinkles. 

Microneedling +
Organic Facial
2 hours - $300
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45 minutes - $110
This exfoliating treatment removes the top layer of dead skin cells along with the peach fuzz on the outermost layer of your skin. The results leave you with a tighter and brighter radiance making skin products penetrate deeper. 

Dermaplaning +
Organic Facial
1.75 hours – $200
Exfoliation plus Hungarian organic products combine producing a customized facial experience that pushes the products deeper into the skin.

Combine your treatments

We offer a combination of packages that provide a great value for customized therapy solutions that work perfectly for you and your skin.

Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel or rebook your appointment, we respectfully request at least a 48 hour notice.  Cancellations or missed appointments without a 48 hour notice will result in a charge of part or all of the service amount.

Laser Treatments

The Picosure Laser will significantly lighten dark spots called Hyperpigmentation, caused by sun damage or acne scarring. It will also create a smoother skin surface.

We can treat many areas of the skin on the face, neck, chest and other areas of the body.
Prices available upon request.

World’s first. Industry’s finest. Light years ahead.

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Cynosure’s PicoSure laser treats at three wavelengths: 532nm, 755nm, and 1064 nm, make it ideal for treatment of pigmentary conditions. With the addition of the Focus™ Lens Array, we are able to treat stubborn skin conditions and remove tattoos.  

Groundbreaking innovation. Unique technology.
Creating an intense photothermal impact in trillionths of a second, PicoSure’s advanced technology spares the skin high thermal damage and targets the chromophore for better clearance in fewer treatments.

• Optimally targets melanin to treat a range of pigmentary conditions
• Incurs minimal thermal damage due to picosecond pulse duration
• Customizable treatments with 2-6mm, 8mm, and 10mm spot sizes
• Proven clinical validation, with 26 publications and 59 abstracts to date
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